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Create a Permanent Shield Against Water Damage

Water infiltration is the single biggest threat to stucco and can cause rotting wood, electrical shorts, and mold.

ZD Stucco’s superior sealant creates a permanent shield against water damage, so your foundation won’t experience rot or structural instability from moisture or cold air drafts.

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    Water Infiltration

    Water damage is usually unnoticeable until it begins to form visible cracks, which is usually coupled with rotting wood and possibly even mold growth. Water damage can stem from improper caulk joints and chimney flashing.

    Cracks in Stucco

    This is a quick and easy way to see if stucco needs repair or if moisture might need to be addressed. All you need is an inspection of the stucco for any cracks to see where you need to repair or if moisture damage has occurred.

    Missing Chunks

    A few missing chips and chunks of stucco siding are a bad sign. It’s another symptom of water damage underneath. If you find that your stucco tears or breaks off, it’s worth bringing out an expert to investigate further.

    Gaps in Caulking

    Stucco Water Intrusion can occur at the window sill and other openings where the stucco is not properly built-up around them.

    These areas must have a continuous layer of stucco and be constructed in a very specific way in order to prevent water intrusion. If you don’t see signs of water intrusion on your walls, check your windows for stucco damage.

    Damp Stucco

    Damp looking stucco is a serious warning sign of water intrusion which can damage the structural integrity of your home.

    When stucco gets wet, it expands. When it expands during wet weather, the sheathing and framing may crack allowing water to get into the wall cavity or insulation.

    It’s best to have a professional inspect for damp looking stucco and perform an inspection. An inspection may be covered by insurance as part of a water damage claim.

    Bulging and Bubbles

    Check your house for signs of bubbling stucco. If you see dense, raised cracks or weird blisters on the stucco wall, this might be a sign of more problems to come.

    Damp Basement Walls

    Moisture on your basement walls is a sign of trouble brewing. If you see moisture in these places, get to it as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home’s structure.

    There are MANY reasons why water can infiltrate your basement — from bad flashing at the chimney and window cuts to cracked sewer pipes, even faulty stucco.

    It’s important to address any issues before serious damage occurs, including mold growth and structural deterioration.

    Why ZD Stucco Can Help You

    Great Value For Home Sellers & Buyers

    We offer affordable pricing among our competitors.

    Numerous Years

    We’re proud to have over 4 years of stucco inspection experience.

    Quality Service Guaranteed

    We use the most updated technology and time-proven methods for each inspection.

    Transparency From Start to Finish

    A quality inspection means all details of a home are clearly laid out.

    Flexible Scheduling For Your Convenience

    Get your home inspected with ease around your own personal schedule.

    Reliable Customer Support

    Our professionals excel at customer support.


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