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Cement Stucco System Repair

Ready to repair the cement or plaster on your building?

Our cement repair systems are designed to solve common problems in repairs of historical, postwar, modern, and every type of building or property that needs help.

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    Over 200 satisfied New Jersey clients in the past 4 years.

    Repair + Replace

    Traditional Portland cement plaster is a time tested exterior with a breathable finish.

    It consists of Portland cement, sand and fiber glass mixed with water to form a workable plaster.

    While it is a great solution it can get hairline cracks due to factors including incorrectly mixed proportions, insufficient mixing, and faulty workmanship.

    Quality Tools

    With a complete range of tools and accessories, ZD’s Cement Stucco System Repair can be used for repairs on all types of cement plaster.

    Our mortar-like formulation easily flows into cracks and voids and adheres to all types of foundations.

    Important Structures

    Always check the structural integrity of the walls and property frame. If there are any issues with electrical and piping, those need to be addressed as well.

    Keep in mind that there is nothing that can be done that will completely cover up the problem so it’s best to focus on fixing what you can and make the structure better overall. Some DIY projects you just can’t take on yourself!

    Details Matter

    Cement stucco systems require careful attention and repair work to restore strength, waterproofing, and aesthetics to the original state.

    A wide range of cement additives and pigments are available to enhance the durability of cement stucco systems.

    How ZD Stucco Repair Can Help You

    Great Value For Home Sellers & Buyers

    We offer affordable pricing among our competitors.

    Numerous Years

    We’re proud to have over 4 years of stucco inspection experience.

    Quality Service Guaranteed

    We use the most updated technology and time-proven methods for each inspection.

    Transparency From Start to Finish

    A quality inspection means all details of a home are clearly laid out.

    Flexible Scheduling For Your Convenience

    Get your home inspected with ease around your own personal schedule.

    Reliable Customer Support

    Our professionals excel at customer support.


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