When deciding whether or not to hire a professional or to attempt the task yourself when the stucco on your house is in need of repair may seem like an either-or situation. While both have their own plus points and drawbacks, once those pros and cons have been weighed against each other, the best way forward should become clear and you will be able to make an informed decision.


A good stucco contractor with good references and a shining reputation is an indication that said contractor knows how to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Attempting to DIY stucco is a disregard for the years of experience that a contractor has built up. Not only that, but if you yourself know little to nothing about stucco repair, you may have to waste time doing research and reading up on doing it the correct way. From an experience perspective, hiring a stucco contractor can save you from many a headache.


Most experienced DIYers and self-proclaimed handymen pride themselves on the collection of tools that they build up over the years; “a tool for any occasion”, some might say. This still does not mean that you have the correct tools to complete a stucco patch in the best possible way. More tools and equipment will have to be acquired, as using what you have, and improvising is certainly out of the question. Professionals use specific tools for a reason and obtaining these or renting them can be very costly.


As with experience and tools, hiring a stucco repairman instead of doing it yourself can be a safer path. The stucco specialist will have a better understanding of the safety procedures and equipment necessary for the job at hand. And if you are afraid of heights, getting on a ladder to plaster a wall is the last thing you would want to do.


Weekend projects are fun, especially if you have the time to go at your own pace. This is not the case with a DIY stucco fix. The project cannot be left to sit, half-done, until you can fit it into your schedule again. Previous damage can spread to newly redone sections if left incomplete. Always be realistic about how much time the stucco repair will take, keeping in mind that doing it yourself is likely to take anything to twice as long. Not finishing the repair timeously can also leave your house in a sorry looking state until you have the opportunity to work on it again.


Here might be the only argument FOR doing a stucco repair yourself; it costs less. At first glance, that is. Disregarding the purchase of tools and material, a rushed, unprofessional and incorrectly executed stucco fix may cause even more problems in the long run. So, when weighing up the monetary pros and cons, keep the bigger picture in mind at all times.
Taking into consideration the five aspects of hiring a stucco contractor vs. DIYing it, getting professional help is not only safer and cheaper, but also saves you both time and money.