While stucco is a very durable surface, it will need to be repainted periodically – but not often. Proper application using high-quality paint can help your stucco last over 20 years without peeling or blistering, but its longevity also depends on environmental factors. It’s important to inspect your stucco every couple of years to determine when you may need to repaint it. As soon as you see paint starting to peel off stucco, it’s critical to apply fresh paint to ward off moisture or structural damage to masonry.

Choose Experienced Stucco Painters

Painting stucco on your home can offer a wide range of benefits, but only if the project is completed correctly. You can ensure that your stucco is painted properly by trusting your home to experienced stucco painters who know exactly what type of paint to use, can suggest the perfect paint colors, and consistently deliver high-quality results that last for years. If you’re ready to refresh your home with a fresh coat of stucco paint, request a free estimate from our experts at ZD Stucco Repair today!

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