Stucco has been used for hundreds of years by many different cultures for a variety of uses from art to architecture. In building, it is used as a plaster, usually for the exterior of a building. The reason why it is still used today is that it is both strong and durable and is associated with certain architectural styles, such as Spanish and Tuscan. For your home to keep its perfect stuccoed appearance, maintenance and repair may occasionally be required, and for this, you need an expert.

Do research

It helps to know more about the companies that you are considering. Find out how many years’ worth of experience they have and what their policies are. Knowing more about the actual process of stuccoing will give you an advantage and means that you won’t be exasperated by terms you do not understand when speaking to a sales representative or consultant.

Find reliable references

Ask around. If you know someone who has recently had the stucco on their own house repaired, find out who did it and if your acquaintance was satisfied with the service. Another source can be Facebook groups or community boards.

Dig into your house’s history

It may help to ask your house’s previous owners for advice, given you still have contact with them. In the case where you are the original owner, look into the company who originally did the stuccoing and search through your files of any record of the first time they stuccoed your house. If you were satisfied with their original and feel that the duration since their last visit does not seem too recent, carry on with the same company.

Get a quote

Being able to compare prices gives you a better idea of your options. The price will depend on the amount of work that needs to be done and the area size that needs to be repaired. Use the highest and lowest quotations as a measuring tool and compare the rest. Remember, cost does not equate quality, but going for one of the cheapest options might cost you more in the long run.

Ask questions

Having learned a bit about how stucco works, ask the contractor about anything you might still be unclear on or any questions that arise. Having this dialogue can be educational and gives you a chance to find out whether you can communicate easily and well with the person who will be handling the project.

Ask about guarantees

To give yourself peace of mind as well as help you make the decision of which company to hire, ask what guarantees or warranties each contractor has. Knowing that they will take responsibility if anything should go wrong is an important deciding factor.

Discuss future maintenance

A knowledgeable contractor will be willing and able to advise you on the care and upkeep of stucco after the project’s completion.
Stucco has a beautiful, rustic look to it, and finding the right person to repair any damaged home to its former glory is an important decision which should now be easier to make.