Stucco has been around for ages and has been reinvented on a few occasions to make it even more durable and lasting. Every now and then, however, stucco repair work may need to be done. This can be the result of lack of maintenance, environmental conditions, or that the previous contractor or repairman did not do the work as best as possible. Whatever the reason may be, it is imperative to repair any stucco cracks or damage the stucco on a building has sustained as soon as possible. Here are five reasons why time is of the essence.

Prevent further damage

Stucco that has been damaged is at risk of sustaining even more damage at an exponential rate. Once the hard coating of stucco has been breached, moisture can get in and turn to mould if not attended to with haste. In places such as New Jersey, where it can be humid during the summer months, moisture is the biggest threat. Cracks can lengthen with time and damage will increase and become more and more visible. Stucco patching is the simplest way of preventing the situation from getting out of control.

Increasing repair costs

It stands to reason that as the stucco damage increases, so will the cost of repairing it. This is why repairing stucco as soon as possible will not only stop damage from spreading but will also mean lower repair cost quotes from a trusted stucco contractor. To prevent repair bills from continuously climbing, stucco repair should be done as soon as possible. Even if the cost seems too high, it can save you from receiving an even higher and more urgent bill later on.

Other risks

Stucco acts as an insulator against damp as well as a fire repellent. The two major risks that become prevalent where stucco repair is necessary is that of permanent structural damage and the danger of fire. Once moisture has started setting into the brickwork, the bricks remain saturated and start to crumble. The risk of fire speaks for itself. This is because the protective layer given the structure by the stucco has been compromised and therefore cannot be depended on to fully and completely guard against these two possible occurrences.

The direct link to home value

A reason for the fast repair of damaged stucco that is often overlooked is the effect that it has on the value of your house. Permanent damage can decrease this over the long term and visible damage will have a more immediate detrimental consequence regarding your home’s value. This can be a major problem, especially if your house is on the market.

Peace of mind

A beautiful home is a happy home. The opposite is also true. Having the necessity for repairing stucco constantly on your mind lessens the love you have for living in your house. So, set your mind at ease and have it done sooner rather than later.
Once the reasons for stucco repair come to light, one can also see why getting the repair done at the earliest is the best approach.